Graphic Design

Whether you need a flyer, brochure or other type of design we can assist you. Our top designs have actually won awards!

Our Clients

Web Design

We produce small to large size websites that are responsive and work.

Our Clients


We can get you on the map with great social exposure and search marketing.

Our Clients

Design Soldier can undertake long term graphic design solutions, one off campaigns as well as small projects. Maybe you are launching a new product and need some help.

I know how to help you achieve your goals, but first there's some elements you need to consider. There are vast and varied areas within graphic design and web design, so in order for design soldier to help you achieve your ideal requirements, please read the brief guidelines oppositeā€¦

What services are offered at design soldier?
  • Logos and Icons
  • Corporate Branding
  • Leaflets and Flyers
  • Brochures and Newsletters
  • High Quality Magazines
  • POS (Point Of Sale) design
  • Signage and Packaging
  • Professional Artworking
  • Photo Re-touching
  • Website Development
  • Illustration
  • Video Editing


Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing & Much More!



Clients approach me all the time asking for the cost to produce something, but fail to supply any of their requirements. It's like being asked how much will a car cost with no details about the type of interior features or even the engine size? Hopefully some of these common questions will help you prepare a definitive brief which I can then write a proposal to. Please click on the questions below:



This is an essential part of the professional approach of any business, no matter how big! Branding is more than just a logo, it's the complete set of rules for your finished designs, colours, style, supporting fonts, placement, supporting graphics and photography.



Design, artworking, production, print schedules will all factor when it comes to delivering a project on time. I work for many clients, so scheduling in priorities is always a normal process, although "can I have a 16 page brochure by tomorrow" will depend on quite a few thingsā€¦ time is money, and short notice costs more.